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Cancer FAQs:

Q1: Is alternative Cancer treatment available to patients in Canada?

Ans: Yes, please call Clinic of Biomedicine at 416-255-3325 for address and phone number of Clinics close to you.

Q2: Did you serve patients from countries other than Canada?

Ans: Yes, we've served patients from Europe (Poland, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic), United Kingdom, different areas of United States (Chicago, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, Atlanta, Washington, Boston), Israel, Ecuador, and other locations.

Q3: If I decide to undergo metabolic cancer treatment or any other non conventional Cancer treatment without help or supervision of doctors, can I legally buy medications in Canada?

Ans: Although "do it yourself " treatment is not recommended you can still legally buy most of medicaments In Canada. You can purchase some of medicines without prescription. For rest of medicaments you need doctor's prescription.

Q4: Does your clinic sell medicines for Metabolic Cancer Treatments?

Ans: No, The Clinic of Biomedicine DOES NOT sell any medicines but we can provide you with a list of Suppliers of medicines needed for Metabolic Cancer Treatments.

Q5: What is a success rate of Metabolic Cancer Treatments, Especially Dr. Manner's treatment with use of vitamin B-17 [Laetrile]?

Ans: By law we are not allowed to give or publish any statistics or survival rates. However, you can find almost all answers to your questions in Edward Griffin's book titled "WORLD WITHOUT CANCER". This book may be hard to find at bookstores [so far there were 26 editions of this book]. In Canada you can buy this book from: Our Father's Farm, 1050 Hwy 5, Dundas,On. L9H 5E2. Tel: 905-628-8195 .

Q6: Can you e-mail us addresses and phone numbers of pharmacies who sell medicines needed for Alternative cancer treatments in Canada or USA?

Ans: Please feel free to call us regarding this matter at 416-255-3325 during business hours.

Q7: Does your clinic recommend or use preparation called OVOSAN and does this drug work for cancer patient?

Ans: For several years our clinic has recommended OVOSAN for almost all cases of oncological diseases. This preparation (unfortunately almost unknown to doctors and other health providers in North America) is widely used by oncologists in Europe. OVOSAN is one of best preparations to boost patient's immune system to highest possible level. German manufacturer of OVOSAN is claiming that this drug has excellent cytostatic (cancer suppressing) properties especially in cases of colorectal cancers and is able to prevent its metastasis to liver. Ovosan is available for sale in Canada. There is extensive information on OVOSAN available on Internet.

Iscador, pancreatic enzymes and Ovosan

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